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Leave a "Tip for Wildlife"

Help Save an Acre...Leave a "Tip for Wildlife"

Adopt an Acre. With matching funds, your "Quarter" turns into a "Dollar". Your "Dollar" becomes $4.00 !

Proceeds used to buy North Carolina Wildlife Game Lands

| 7.29.2009 |


Help acquire new Game Lands

To become a VOLUNTEER with the "Save an Acre" program, or to learn more, email us HERE.

Basically, we are working with the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation on this project to help raise funds that will be used to buy land that will be donated to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Any land purchases will be included in the NC Game Lands program.

Our volunteers will place jugs in businesses that will allow us to do so to collect donations from the public. Ninety percent of all donations collected will go to the NCWFH and the remaining ten percent will go to NCBA to offset administration cost. Any surplus will be deposited in the NCBA's "Land Acquisition Fund."

| 7.29.2009 |