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Executive Council Members

Current NCBA Officers

Elected Officers

Jamie Brady - President

Pic of Ryan Miller Ryan Miller - Vice President
J.R. Stone - Treasurer
William Newton Jr - Secretary
Joey Thompson - Editor
Picture of Andy Smith

Past President - Andy Smith

Appointed Officers

Steve Fox - Records Chairman
Bud Blaylock - Membership Chairman
Picture of Sean Maloy Sean Maloy - Legislative Chairman
  Open - Program Chairman
  Steve Greeson - Youth Education Chairman

Records Committee

NCBA Records

Steve Fox - Records Chairman
Picture of Doug Clayton Doug Clayton - Vice-Records Chairman

Records Committee

Doug Clayton

Michael DeAngury

Bernie Garcarz

Mark Headen

Kenneth Leimone

Clair Luce

Ryan Miller

David Stepp

Joey Thompson

Steve Yarborough

David Allen


Membership Chairman and Committee

NCBA Membership


Bud Blaylock - Membership Chair

Maria Bell - Membership Services Rep

Local NCBA Chapter Club Coordinators

(Membership Committee Members)

Districts 1, 2,3 (Northeast):  Wayne Copeland

Districts 2,3,4 (Southeast):  Connor Tripp

Districts 3,5 (North Central):  Richard Sheilds

Districts 4,6 (South Central): Drew Harr

Districts 6,7,8 (Northwest):  John Goad;  Bryan Hooks

Districts 8,9 (West):  Bryan Henn 

Legislative Chairman and Committee

NCBA Legislative

Picture of Sean Maloy Sean Maloy - Legislative Chairman
  Open - Legislative Co-Chairman

Wildlife District Representatives

(WDR's-Legislative Committee Members)

District 1:      Doug Green

District 2:      Willie Allen; Clyde Dougherty

District 3:      Brent Barnes;  Bill Howard;  Clark Purvis

District 4:      Ken Jones

District 5:      Matt Quick;  Randy Mabe;   Tom Ray

District 6:      Ben and Linda GrahamTommy Hall;  John Napier

District 7:      Mike Absher;  David Bennett;  Daniel GattisLewis OstwaltRichie Roberts;  David Soots

District 8:      Jennifer W. BarnetteDavid HaggistSteven Walters

District 9:      Devin Gentry;   David Whitmire;   Eddie Youngblood

Program Chairman and Committee

NCBA Program

  Open - Programs Chairman


Youth Program Chairman and Committee

NCBA Youth Program

  Steve Greeson - Youth Education Chairman

Youth Education Committee

Districts 1, 2, 3(Northeast)      OPEN

Districts 2,3,4 (Southeast)      OPEN

Districts 3,4,5,6 (Central):  Mickey StraderCody L. Reed, Jr.Steve GreesonWilliam NewtonDon MooreJamie BradyRamon BellJR Stone;  Kevin Dancy Tommy KimballKenneth Leimone

Districts 6,7,8 (Northwest):  Rodney BoggsJoey Thompson; Jim Jordan.

Districts 8-9 (West): David AllenDavid Whitmire; Ken Penley; Scotty Wagner.


Information Technology (I. T.) Team


  Open - CIO
  Open - Team Member
Pic of Ryan Miller Ryan Miller - Team Member

Associate Council Members

Also: Appointed Associate Council Members "At Large"

Jim Jordan
  Don Moore Jr. - BCRS Chairman
Pic of Ryan Miller Ryan Miller - Parliamentarian
Open - Camo Coalition Liaison
Crystal Hughes Crystal Hughes - Co-Chair Ladies of the NCBA
  Open - Co-Chair Ladies of the NCBA
Connie Tysinger

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NCBA Executive Officers

Historical Listing

To see a listing of historical and recent NCBA Officers, CLICK this link.

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