NCBA Blood Tracker Program


Blood Trackers Program (BTP) is an educational resource provided FREE to all NCBA members.

The NCBA "BTP" program was approved by the NCBA Executive Council on Sept. 20, 2011. The "BTP" program was patterned after similar programs from other states. NCBA would like to welcome you to BTP. Our goal is to introduce the world of tracking wounded game with dogs to hunters throughout the state. Blood tracking will not only increase your odds of finding wounded game but adds a whole new perspective to hunting.


Dogs are natural scent driven animals and what better tool to have than a partner born to track!! However, a tracking dog must have a handler on which he or she will build a bond with. With time and practice the dog and handler will soon be a “team” that relies on one another for assistance. So we encourage you to take the time and browse through the educational links provided.

| 10.16.2011 |

BTP Chairman

Sydney Vaughan

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Sydney Vaughan

Co-Chairman: Samantha Allen

Need a Tracker?

Official NCBA-BTP Trackers List

For a list of available Blood Trackers in your area Click Here!



Blood Tracking Education Links

United Blood Trackers

United Blood Trackers is a site that provides nationally recognized certification: Click Here

NC State legislation

NC law addressing blood tracking

To see the NC state legislation written for blood tracking Click Here!