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NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund

In Memorial Of:

Total Contribution to Fund: $2160

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William Clark; Stanislov Janoch; Scott McJunkin
Name MemorializedDonors
Anonymous DonationsDr. Raymond E. Pifer; Ramon N. Bell; Justus Bartelt..
Mitchell Thomas Bell (1907-1964)Ramon N. Bell..
Dustin Raymond Freeman (1982-2007)Jason Howard; Bryan Hooks; David Sigmon; Tim Cape; Josh Levan; Benny Cox; Joe Reel; Eddie Mozingo; Jamie Brady; Greg Bradburn; Sam Bradburn; Connor Tripp; Ramon N. Bell; Mike Hayes; Don Moore; Charles Henn; Lance Luce; Tommy Kimball; Joey Schenk; Danny Schenk; Wayne Witt; Cape Fear Bowhunters...
Joe Don Sawyer (1955-2007)Tonnie E. Davis; Ramon N. Bell...
Rodney Dean Carter (1960-2008)Ramon N. Bell; John Thompson; Corey Thompson; Ron Green; Wayne Smith; Jamie Brady; Kevin Dancy; Dale Maxwell; Charles Henn; Bryan Henn; Joe Nemec; Don Moore..
Herbert Alfred "Herb" Reynolds (1936-2008)Ron & Susie Martin; Carol H. Gambino; Bill & Betty Pollard, Jeremy & Victoria Pollard, Joe & Amanda Pollard & Family; William Hal Morrison, Jr.; Montgomery County Archery Club; Randolph Bowhunters Association; Stick and Wheel Archery Club; Ramon N. Bell ..
Vernon "Ronny" Toulson (1958-2009)Leigh Ann Toulson; Ramon N. Bell; Odis & Mable Hutchins; Wayne Smith; Ron Green; Kevin Dancy; Joel Gooch; Curt Schmidt; Duane Tipton; Sidney Vaughan; Kirk Vaughan; Benny Cox; Tommy Kimball; Ellis Harris, Jr.; Lance Luce; Jim Jordan; Don Moore
Marcus "Marc" Joseph Payette (1991-2009)Ramon N. Bell, J.Anthony Blackwell, Alberta L. Keddy, Dana E.& Janice F. Samuelson, Kimball Screen Printing, Big Oak Archery, Tommy & Carlene Kimball
Roger William Duggins (1945-2010)Mike Goodyear, Benny Cox, Heath Moon, Bobby Adams, Kevin Dancy, David Soots, Joey Thompson, Don Moore, Ramon Bell...
Carroll "CD" Liverman (1925-2011) None To Date...
Sonya Lee Graham  (1965-2012) Glenn and Jane Allen, Bill Bare, Helen and Michael Ingold, Ramon N. Bell, Sandra and Larry McKenzie, McKenzie Sports Products.
William Clark
Stanislov Janoch  (2013)
Scott McJunkin

| 4.8.2014 |

NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund

Administered by NCBA

To: NCBA Members

At an Executive Council Meeting on April 22, 2007, Dr. Raymond E. Pifer (NCBA Member), presented a proposal to create a general "Memorial Endowment Fund" for NCBA. This was approved by the Executive Council and Associate Council members present at this meeting and is effective immediately. A separate account will be opened to manage contributions and deposits to this fund.

Donations to the "NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund" should be designated as being "In Memory of".. and name any individual, group, or entity as being the object of the donation. Donations may be made to the fund at any time.. prior to, or after the death of anyone, or for any reason designated by the donor.

Donations will be "tracked" by each memorialized individuals or groups name. Two months after receipt of the first donation, a single summary of donations will be reported to the bereaved party's nearest of kin. Donors names will be listed along with a "total" amount donated. Later donations to this fund may not be reported to the family, but will be listed on this website.

We accept donations on a continuing basis. Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund should make checks out to:

"NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund".. and mail them to:

NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund; 7796 NC Hwy. 68 N.; Stokesdale, NC 27357

Anonymous donations may be, and have been made to the "NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund." For personal reasons, the family may have requested that names and other information about family members not be published.

This fund's principle, generated through contributions of various individuals and groups, will remain untouched and allowed to build accordingly under the management of the designated NCBA leadership. The accrued interest may be used however and whenever NCBA wishes to spend these funds. The distribution of these available funds would be determined by NCBA president and Executive Council officers.

| 7.29.2009 |


Sincerest Thanks to All Donors

We extend our sincerest thanks to all who contribute to this fund. Donations may be made in the name of any individual, group or other entity at any time. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks should be made to "NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund"and noted, "In Memory of: "Name of Memorialized"

Mail checks to: NCBA Memorial Endowment Fund; 7796 NC Hwy 68 N.; Stokesdale, NC 27357

NOTE: Please indicate the name and address of the person to send the official acknowledgment to, i.e.: the family of the memorialized; friend; club name, etc. Donors will receive a "receipt" to acknowledge receipt of donation. Most recent entries are listed last.

Initial donations to establish a new listing below should include the memorialized person's full name, birth and death date/year, and any information for a "Bio/Obit" that will be included with the listing on a separate link, including a photo. Additional photos may be listed in the photo gallery with each entry.. (Limit of four additional photos please!)

| 7.29.2009 |