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NCBA Constitution and Bylaws

North Carolina Bowhunters Association, Inc.

This organization is herein named and shall be known as the "North Carolina Bowhunters Association." It may be abbreviated: N.C.B.A. or NCBA.


It is the purpose of the North Carolina Bowhunter's Association to be an organization whose membership consists only of persons who are considered sportsmen and bowhunters who vow:

  • That by reason of choice, bowhunting is their primary archery interest, and that their ultimate aim and interest is the taking of wild game by bow and arrow of suitable weights in a humane, ethical and sportsmanlike manner.
  • To share with others their experiences, knowledge, shooting and hunting skills.
  • To be a conscientious bowhunter, promoting bowhunting by working to elevate it's standards and the standards of those who practice the art of bowhunting.
  • To provide training for others in safety, shooting skill and hunting techniques.
  • To practice the wise use of our natural resources, the conservation of our wild game and the preservation of the natural habitat thereof.

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