NCBA Master Bowhunter Program


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Master Bowhunter Program


This program was approved by the Executive Council in June, 1992. The rules and requirements governing the awarding of the "Master Bowhunter Award" are as follows:

1. Status of Master Bowhunter

A. The status of Master Bowhunter shall be for the purpose of recognizing the individual efforts of bowhunters whose pursuit of big game in North Carolina has taken them far beyond that of the average bowhunter.

B. To reach this status and be recognized by the NCBA, a bowhunter must take ONE each of the FOUR species of big game in N.C. This shall hereafter be referred to as North Carolina's "Grand Slam" of bowhunting.

C. The FOUR species of big game in N.C. are: Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, and Wild Boar.

2. Minimum Requirements

A. The minimum requirements for each entry are the same as for entry into the Records System "All-Time Records Listings". (See Trophy Class Minimum Requirements under Section II-B-1.) Successful candidates for the "Master Bowhunter Award" must take ONE each of the following which meets "NCBA Trophy Class Minimum Requirements":

ONE - Whitetail Deer (Typical, Non-Typical, Typical Velvet, or Non-Typical Velvet)

ONE - Black Bear

ONE - Wild Turkey (Typical or Non-Typical)

ONE - Wild Boar (From the following counties: Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Macon, Swain and Jackson)

B. All entries must be taken in North Carolina

C. Past entries are eligible IF the bowhunter was a member of NCBA at the time of the harvest.

D. Entries must be taken in accordance with NCBA and Pope & Young Club Rules of Fair Chase.

E. All entries must be taken with Bow and Arrow, as defined in the NCBA Records System Rules; and by definition of a "Bow, Arrow and Broadhead" by the Pope and Young Club.

F. A "Master Bowhunter All-Time List" shall be maintained by the Records Chairman.

G. A plaque, a "Green Jacket", and/or other concessions, will be presented to those who have successfully completed the "Grand Slam" requirements at the annual awards banquet.

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