Help Protect Our Future

Call your local CRIMESTOPPERS unit and report all wildlife violations.

Crimestoppers Pays CASH $$ rewards for arrest of wildlife violator.

CRIMESTOPPERS pays cash rewards that lead to the arrest of people who violate any STATE or FEDERAL laws, including wildlife laws!

Help fight crimes against our wildlife resources and help protect them at the same time.

Report all violators: "Poachers", Game Thieves, etc., Do it Today... Tonight... DO IT NOW!

Special interest groups, anti-hunting organizations and some political leaders would like to reduce our bowhunting seasons or eliminate our sport all together. Remember, bowhunting is an earned privilege, not a constitutional right. A unified voice of North Carolina's bowhunters will guarantee a bright future for your sport.

| 7.29.2009 |


A joint effort

Guilford County / Greensboro "CrimeStoppers" coordinators: Sandy Tew (left) and Julia Styers, along with Thomas B. Hite (Chairman NCCSA) were instrumental in setting up the joint effort between NC Wildlife Resources Commission and statewide CrimeStoppers units to fight wildlife violations. John Pratt of Forsyth / Winston-Salem CrimeStoppers helped by supplying contact information for all CrimeStoppers units in N.C.

| 7.29.2009 |

Join the fight

You can make a difference

Local, statewide and nationwide sportsman's clubs, organizations and associations; Hunting and Fishing clubs, Bird/Animal watching clubs; Sporting Goods stores and related businesses; Other groups and individuals can help fight crimes against wildlife. Become a CRIMESTOPPERS "SPONSOR" by making an annual donation to your area "CRIMESTOPPERS" unit to help pay rewards for the arrest of wildlife violators.