NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Dennis Allman

Inducted February 21, 1998

Dennis Allman was nominated to the NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame on the basis of "Pioneering", "Service" and "Bowhunting Accomplishments".

Dennis Allman was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the NCBA and is the only "Charter" member of the original "NCBA" who is still a member at this time. (Feb.21, 1998; Feb. 16, 2002)

He helped lay the groundwork for the formation of the NCBA in 1972 along with another group of men. Dennis helped get the NCBA "Back on Track" in 1975 when the Association reorganized. He has continued to serve the NCBA for over twenty-five years.

He has held every office in the NCBA at one time or another. Often, not because he wanted to, but because no one else would step forward and volunteer to "Get the Job Done." This really hasn't changed very much today Many people don't hesitate to voice their opinion, often negative, of how the association is being run, but few are willing to step into the position and walk that "mile in those moccasins".

Dennis is still involved in the NCBA as an "Official Measurer" for the "Records System."

Dennis also helped found the "Catamount Bowhunters" in 1973 in Morganton, N.C., which was the first "NCBA Local Chapter Club." At that time, "Catamount" was one of the first modern "Bowhunter" type clubs founded in North Carolina. The club was very active in local, state and national bowhunter activities.

Dennis is also involved with the "Professional Bowhunters Society," and was primarily responsible for the PBS Banquet being held in Charlotte, N.C. in 1996.

Dennis Allman has also been fairly successful in his bowhunting endeavors. He has taken numerous whitetail deer with bow and arrow. He has also taken a pronghorn antelope and a "P&Y Black Bear" this past year on a hunt he purchased at the 1997 NCBA Banquet. A complete listing of all the animals he has taken with bow and arrow is not available.

Offices in the NCBA held by Dennis Allman over the years are listed below:

  • President: 1979 - 1985
  • Vice President: 1975
  • Sec./Treas.: 1992
  • Magazine Editor: 1976; 1977; 1981; 1983
  • Past President: 1986 thru 1989
  • Membership Services: 1990; 1991; 1992; 1993
  • Legislative Committee: 1991; 1992; 1993

Dennis also initiated and founded the "NCBA Bowhunter Defense Fund" which now has over $40,000 deposited in it's account.

Dennis also started the "NCBA Life Member" program in 1987. The program recognizes three classes of "Life Members." They are: "Honorary"; "Service"; and "Regular" Life Members.

Other NCBA Awards that Dennis Allman has received throughout the years are:

  • "Bowhunter of the Year"- 1985
  • "Presidential Award"- 1976; 1977; 1991
  • "Special Service Award" (for Services Rendered to NCBA) - 1977 thru 1986

If there ever was an individual who has done their part for bowhunting in North Carolina and beyond, it is Dennis Allman. The dedication and effort that Dennis put forth through the years is truly amazing. For many years, the NCBA certainly would not have survived at all if it were not for the dedication to bowhunting and the bowhunters of North Carolina from men like Dennis Allman.

As is the case with almost everyone who has stepped forward to assume the duties of an officer in the NCBA, Dennis was frequently the object of much scrutiny and criticism. It is still the case today with our current association officers. It's not unlike any political position in local, state or national government. Many people criticize and complain, but few will step forward into the direct line of fire themselves. Despite the political "heat" generated by the positions he held, Dennis always stood up for what he believed in and "always" finished the job at hand, in spite of what others may have said or thought about his efforts.

Politics, in any scenario, is a thankless job. Those who are not directly involved with the "business" of the NCBA; i.e.: the Executive Council, have little idea of what it takes "day to day," throughout the year, to make sure the association functions properly and above all.... "Survives!" When it came to be Dennis Allman's time to "move on" to other horizons, he didn't do so until he had assured himself that the association was in good hands. Such are the qualities of a good and dedicated leader.

For these reasons, Dennis Allman was submitted for consideration and acceptance into the "North Carolina Bowhunter Hall of Fame."

Submitted by: Ramon Bell and Connie Tysinger (at Executive Council Meeting: January 4, 1998)

2nd by: Benny Wilhelm; Jim Jordan; Gary Evers; Ricky Dull; Cathy G. Gossett

Nominated by: David Allen, NCBA President (1993)

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