NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Gary W. Evers

Inducted February 21, 2004

Home: Pleasant Garden, NC (Guilford County, NC)

Wife: Diane; Children: Son: Matthew; Daughter: Ashley

Born: 1957 in Lumberton, NC

Gary W. Evers has been a member of NCBA for over 20 years at this time (Feb. 2004). His record of "Service" and "Bowhunting Accomplishments" are outstanding. Since first becoming involved with NCBA, Gary has made himself "available" for "Service" to NCBA at every opportunity. He has worked the NCBA booth at shows and events all across the state.

(*Gary W. Evers was nominated by Ramon N. Bell; Service Life Member from Stokesdale, NC; and 2nd by Jimmy Carroll, V.P., at the January 17, 2003 NCBA EC Meeting at Woodlief, NC.)

I am submitting this nomination for Gary W. Evers for "NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame."

Gary W. Evers has been a very active part of NCBA for over a decade. I've known Gary for over two decades. We hunted together in North and South Carolina for years. As both of us aged, and matured, our hunting.most particularly.. our bowhunting ventures became more and more important to both of us. I'd like to think that I played a small part in helping steer Gary toward the active roll he's played in the course of NCBA history over the past ten years. But, I know that Connie and others also contributed to recruiting Gary to NCBA. In the beginning, it was Gary himself that made the decision about 1992 to complete the required training to become an official P&Y measurer. From that point on, Gary has never strayed from the course. He followed up by contributing eleven years to NCBA as an elected officer. And, in my opinion, he has brought many things to NCBA that none before him managed to do. Gary is a very fair-minded and level-headed individual. He NEVER makes hasty, ill-though-out decisions. But, when confronted with a immediate emergency, he is fully capable of making those instantaneous decisions that need to be made. He brought stable and trusted leadership to NCBA. He doesn't play favorites, with people or issues. I confess that during his tenure as President, there have been times I thought I could sway his opinion one way or the other on various issues. It usually didn't happen. In fact, many times, his deliberate, level-headed approach to everything usually prevailed and he'd end up convincing me to re-think things myself. With only a few years of public work left, I personally have very high hopes that he'll some day return to the elected arena of NCBA after his retirement from the Greensboro Police Department.

I suppose the highlight of Gary's tenure as President of NCBA was the annual presentations he prepared himself and presented to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. This is going to be a difficult act to follow. for anyone! The March 7, 2001 "Powerpoint" slide presentation of NCBA's bow draw weight proposal was the first one he did and was followed up by approval of the proposal by the commissioners that reduced the legal draw weight for compound bows from 45 to 35 pound peak draw weight. Approval of this allows for many women, youths and physically challenged people to enjoy the sport of bowhunting.

His work.. and I mean.. WORK.. physical work.. on the annual NCBA hunts has only been equaled by a few other NCBA members. He also gives many hours and days of his personal family time to NCBA by going to trade shows and working the NCBA booth. He is a regular at the Dixie Deer Classic also and helps where needed.. at the NCBA booth, scoring area or 3-D shoot.

I think Gary's strongest point though, is his communications skills. Gary was the person who first initiated the idea of creating a internet website for NCBA. He published the first version of the website to the internet. He dutifully replies to all written and email inquiries and is a "Master" at putting out little "brushfires" that erupt from time to time.

But, most important of all, Gary Evers is a true volunteer. He always puts the job at hand.. the objective, and the association first and foremost before himself, and many times before his family and friends. We need more people like Gary Evers in the NCBA. He deserves the recognition of the bowhunting community, and that is why I am nominating him for election to the N.C. Bowhunter Hall of Fame.

So, it is with great pleasure and honor that I submit the name of Gary W. Evers for consideration for admission to the NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame.


  • NCBA Official Measurer (1990 to present)
  • P&Y Official Measurer (1992 to 2006)
  • Editor of NCBA Magazine (1994 -2000)
  • NCBA Records Committee (1998 to present)
  • Convention/Banquet Chairman (1999)
  • Internet Editor: 1998 - 2004
  • President / NCBA: 2000 - 2004
  • Life Member Regular: 1995
  • Life Member Service Awarded: 1999
  • Presidential Award: 1995 & 1997
  • Outstanding Service Awards: 1994 & 2003
  • Special Service Executive Council Award: 2000
  • Past President / NCBA: 2004-2006

Gary was inducted February 21, 2004 at 18th Annual NCBA Banquet in Burlington, NC

Nominated by: Ramon N. Bell

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