NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Charles "Jack" Smith

Inducted February 27, 2013

Jack was born in 1943 in Mecklenburg County, NC

  • President: 1975 - 1977
  • Started NCBA Newsletter 1975
  • Held first measuring clinic for NC Game Records
  • NCBA "Service" Life Member
Professional Bowhunters Society
  • Vice President - 1977
  • President - 1979

Bowhunting Accomplishments:

Jack says his thoughts and reasons for hunting have changed. The number and size of animals he takes are no longer important to him. He has one Boone & Crockett, two Pope & Young and several NCBA animals that are not recorded. In 1992, Jack stated, "My hunts have become more personal and I have enjoyed it more than ever in my life."

Jack says, �Being a Baby Boomer child I was born and raised in the South by a hunting family. We enjoyed hunting, but putting meat on the table was definitely the �bottom line.� Both parents went through hard times during the depression and knew what it was like not having enough to eat. Their experience was passed on through lessons taught to their son, �waste not, want not.� This influence helped save my behind at least once while serving our Country.�

Over the years I have grown to believe taking any animal is a humbling and blessed experience. Taking a large mature animal is definitely pleasing. However, neither will play a major part in the overall scheme of our life when it comes �check out� time. Pope & Young and Boone and Crockett mounts hanging on my wall, if taken at the expense of neglecting my family will leave nothing but distasteful memories to my wife, sons and their families. Hunting is a very pleasing experience in my life but I also strive to keep it in perspective.

I have been blessed over the years to hunt and harvest some beautiful animals, for which I am truly grateful. Spending time in the woods then sharing these experiences with family and hunting buddies has been a very spiritual and pleasurable part of my life. Watching sun rises and sun sets and the birds and animals carrying on their way of life has instilled some very memorable moments in my mind and heart, to me, that�s what hunting is all about.


Jack Smith was a member of the NCBA since its inception in 1972. Jack probably knows more about the �early days� of the NCBA than anyone. He can recall when NCBA grew from it�s beginnings to what it is today because he was there from the beginning. He assumed control of NCBA from Jerry Rushing a couple years after he and a few others (Jim Duncan; Cecil Musselwhite and Jim Hogan) founded the association. Jerry Rushing told me (on 11-11-2012) that he and the others that founded the NCBA simply did not know what to do, or the next steps to take to get NCBA reorganized and functional.

The NCBA Corporate Charter was suspended September 19, 1975 and was reinstated May 4, 1976 to Charles �Jack�Smith. This charter was recorded in the Union County Register of Deeds and certified by Thad Eure, Secretary of State of North Carolina.

In the early years, the NCBA built its membership up to about 100 members when it was at its peak. Then, about 1974-1975, there was a sharp decline in interest and participation of members in the activities of those days.

Jack Smith, who now also serves as the Secretary of the �Professional Bowhunter�s Society� (PBS), assumed leadership of the North Carolina Bowhunters Association (NCBA) in 1975 as President and began reorganizing the NCBA into what it basically is today. There were only 19 names on the roster and only four (4) were paid up members at the time. For the most part, the association was �defunct.� Jack was able to procure the basic (Incorporated) name and membership list at that time. Several other people joined him in rewriting the bylaws and reorganizing the Association in general. Jack received input and support from: Dennis Allman; Lee Hansel; PBS Officers; State Organizations (Ohio, West Virginia, Kansas, Colorado); Wayne Barefoot (Barefoot Archery); Buddy Graham (Grahams Archery).

Reorganizing was filled with long work hours and numerous frustrations. Getting previous members to rejoin and become actively involved was very challenging, but rewarding.. This was time well spent, with no regrets. A great team effort helped N.C.B.A. to start evolving into the bowhunting leadership organization it is today. One we are all very proud of !

The �NCBA�, as it exists today, in reality, was begun in 1975.