NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Gloria "Jean" (Murphy) Reed

Inducted February 16, 2002

Home: Stokesdale, N.C. Deceased: July 21, 2001

Gloria "Jean" (Murphy) Reed became involved in the sport of archery / bowhunting about 1980. She lived in the Summerfield / Stokesdale area of Guilford County for over thirty years.

She became addicted to the sport about twenty years ago and was a solid and dependable volunteer worker for Guilford and Rockingham Bowhunters clubs, and the NCBA (North Carolina Bowhunters Association.) She served as secretary/treasurer of the Rockingham Bowhunters club, a longtime NCBA Local Chapter Club, until 1998.

She was also a "World Champion" archer, winning the "IBO Female Senior World Champion" trophy in 1998 and 2000.

Rockingham Bowhunters was awarded NCBA "Outstanding Services" award from 1981 - 1985. Jean's contribution was a huge factor in this award being given to this long-time Local NCBA Chapter Club for 5 straight years.

She was also an avid bowhunter, bagging Black Bear in Canada and numerous Whitetail Deer and small game with her bow in North Carolina and Virginia over the years. Many buck and doe deer were taken in North Carolina and Virginia that were not listed in the NCBA Annual Awards Contests.

Jean was named NCBA (North Carolina Bowhunter's Association) "Lady Bowhunter of the Year" in 1988 and 1991.

Jean went out a "World Champion", not exactly as she would have liked for it to happen I'm sure! She would very much preferred to have given up the title on the firing line at the 2001 IBO championship tournament. She was born Gloria Jean Williams on October 21, 1944 in Baltimore, MD, and may have been best known by her first married name (Murphy) for many years. She was remarried to Cody Lee Reed, Jr. in June, 1999 at the North American Bowhunter's Jamboree in Union Grove, NC.

Jean was the reigning two-time "IBO (International Bowhunter's Organization) Female Senior Women's World Champion." She won her 2nd consecutive title in August, 2000 and would have been there to defend her title this year, had she lived to do so. She competed in 3-D archery tournaments all over the country. Including the "Buckmasters" tournament seven times. The first time, she finished in 7th place. In her last competition, she finished 2nd overall. Cody says she was determined to win that one too, and most likely would have if time had been on her side.  Jean had a "truck-full" of trophies won at tournaments from all over. When she first started shooting a bow, she remembered shooting for over a year before she saw another woman at a tournament. "There were just not many women who took up the sport in those days," she said. But now, there are thousands that compete for the title of "World Champion" at the IBO tournament each year. Many women now bowhunt and shoot in area tournaments throughout the year. She was also sponsored by a number of companies who were proud for her to wear their name/logo on her shooting jacket. Companies such as "Custom Shooting Systems"; "Joe's Bows"; "Bullseye Sights"; "R&R Enterprises"; "Scott Archery"; "Coffey Enterprises"; and "Bo Doodle" are only a few of the manufacturers that sponsor both Jean and husband, Cody. Cody is also a world champion, having won the "IBO Male Senior World Championship" in 1996 and 1997.

Bowhunting and archery were a way of life for Jean. Years ago, I had the opportunity and privilege to shoot practice and tournament rounds at area ranges with her and former husband, Ray Murphy. She was an excellent shot with bow and arrow. Jean had been shooting for over 20 years when an untimely encounter with cancer overtook her. I copied and saved a number of emails I received from her in the last months after forwarding them to the NCBA membership, at her request. Many bowhunters offered prayers and thoughts for Jean during this trying time for her and husband, Cody Reed.

Both Jean and Cody's love of the sport radiated from them to young and old students they often tutored. They believe youngsters have to be exposed to and taught the sport in order for it to continue and grow.

Gloria "Jean" (Murphy) Reed passed away on July 21, 2001. Her presence and service to her friends and bowhunters of her community, NCBA and state will surely be missed. Upon approval of Gloria "Jean" (Murphy) Reed's nomination for admission to the NCBA "Hall of Fame", she becomes the first woman admitted to the "NCBA Hall of Fame" list.

Jean was inducted February 16, 2002 at 16th Annual NCBA Banquet in Burlington, N.C.

Nominated by: Cody L. Reed, Jr.

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