NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Jim Jordan

Inducted March 30,2008

I am submitting this nomination for Jim Jordan for NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame. Jim's record of Pioneering, Service and Bowhunting Accomplishments are too numerous to recall and outstanding in every sense of the word.


Jim Jordan has been a member of NCBA since late 1973 or early 1974. He joined NCBA at the time that the association was re-organizing under Jack Smith and has maintained his memberhsip ever since. During this time, he has always supported NCBA and worked to help improve the image of the association in any way he could. He was instrumental in "Pioneering" the organization and formation of Wilkes Archers, a NCBA Local Chapter Club, in 1972. Wilkes Archers still requires all it's members to belong to NCBA and is a staunch supporter of NCBA.


Jim Jordan has made himself available for Service to NCBA at every opportunity. He volunteers without hesitation to help out with almost every NCBA function. He has worked the NCBA booth at many shows and events. If he can be there, he is always one of the first to volunteer to help.

He has donated hand-made items for our banquet auction on many occasions, such as stone knives, hand-made arrows and broadheads, etc.

He has served as an official NCBA measurer for over twenty-five years.

  • 1982-2007 Official NCBA Measurer (25 consecutive years)
  • 1989-2008 Associate Council Member (19 consecutive years)

Bowhunting Accomplishments: His Bowhunting Accomplishments are quite impressive also. Jim Jordan has taken the following species of animals with bow and arrow:

Big Game:

  • Whitetail Deer (75 - 80 total)
  • Elk (3)
  • Black Bear (2)
  • Mule Deer (1)

Small Game: Weasels; Chipmonks; Squirrels; skunks; opossum; raccoon and groundhog.

Jim Jordan has four groundhogs listed in the NCBA All-Time Records. Some were taken with home made mountain reed shafts and stone arrowheads he knapped himself.

Jim Jordan was named "NCBA Bowhunter of the Year" in 1978 and 1986.

So, it is with great pleasure and honor that I submit the name of Jim Jordan for consideration for admission to the "NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame." His nomination for "NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame" is long overdue.

Jim was inducted March 30,2008 at 22nd Annual NCBA Banquet in Raleigh, NC

Nominated by: Ramon N. Bell

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