NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Picture of Jimmy CarrollJimmy Carroll

Inducted February 25, 2006

Home: Oxford, NC (Granville County, NC)

Wife: Kathy; Children: Sons: Michael, Robby

Jimmy was inducted February 25, 2006 at 20th Annual NCBA Banquet in Burlington, NC

Nominated by: Gary W. Evers

Jimmy Carroll was nominated to the NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame on the basis of “Service and Bowhunting Accomplishments.”

Jimmy has been a member of NCBA since 1980 and become more involved with NCBA through his association as the President of Gooch’s Mill Archery Club.  He initiated and formed this club in his own backyard to support and protect bowhunting.  He inquired about the NCBA and convinced Gooch’s Mill members that they should support the organization by becoming a local chapter of NCBA.  The club has never faltered since then, and remains devoted to NCBA.  The club was awarded the NCBA Most Active New Local Chapter Award in 1996.  The club later received the NCBA Local Chapter of the Year Award in 1997 and 1998.  The club today continues to support NCBA in its goals and objectives.

In 1998, Jimmy was elected as NCBA Vice President and served in that position under the leadership of President Connie Tysinger form 1998 until election year 2000.  He was then re-elected as Vice President and served until 2004 under the leadership of President Gary Evers.  He served on various committees and projects throughout these years.

In 2004, Jimmy was elected President of NCBA and has served the association in a professional manner, addressing the North Carolina Wildlife Commission regarding NCBA matters on several occasions.

Through his years of service in these various positions, Jimmy sacrificed family time, work time, and personal time in order to accomplish NCBA goals and objectives.  He has volunteered and worked with the NCBA, operating the State Archery Tournament of middle and high school shooting teams from across North Carolina at Camp Millstone in Ellerbee, NC.  He was one of three appointed to work on a proposal to reduce the poundage of compound bows to 35 pounds in order to allow more youth and women to participate in the sport of bow hunting.  In the summer of 2000, this proposal was presented to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission and the poundage was reduced.

Jimmy chaired the first ever 3D Indoor Archery Tournament for NCBA in the Civic Center in Raleigh, and for Wake County Wildlife Club at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh.  Jimmy continued to chair the 3D Indoor Archery Tournament at the Dixie Deer Classic from 1997 - 2005.  If not enough, he always ensured that the Bowhunter Jamboree practice range in June of each year was covered, another fundraiser for NCBA.  He set up the main NCBA camp and ensured the event was manned.  There were many other NCBA events that he attended and worked, including the NCBA Youth Day and the 4-H Fun, Fish and Fur Rendezvous. 

Jimmy also volunteered and served as the hunt master for the NCBA annual hunt in Butner, NC for nine (9) years.  The hunt has become a mainstream for NCBA members who enjoy the event every year.  The success of that hunt is due almost entirely to the nominee.  It has become a HUGE event that NCBA members look forward to every year.  He personally secured the campsite each year, mowed and cleaned the area in preparation for the event, and set up the main camp, many times by himself.

Offices in the NCBA held by Jimmy Carroll over the years are listed below:

  • Vice President 1998 - 2004
  • President 2004 - 2006
  • Huntmaster of Butner Hunt 1997 - 2005
  • Chairman of Indoor Tournament 1997 - 2005

NCBA awards that Jimmy has received throughout the years

  • NCBA Outstanding Service Award - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and, 2000
  • NCBA Presidential Award -1999, 2001
  • NCBA Lifetime Membership for Service- 2002

A few of Jimmy’s hunting accomplishment with bow and arrow are included in the Bowhunting Records of North Carolina.  Some of those listed include:

  • Typical whitetail deer scoring 116 4/8
  • Typical whitetail deer scoring 103 7/8
  • Non-typical whitetail scoring 126 6/8
  • Tied for 3rd place in the biggest doe category with a score of 15 2/16
  • Black Bear (1991 in Canada) scoring 17 15/16
  • Black Bear (1993 in Canada) scoring 14 15/16

Since 1981 Jimmy has harvested over 50 whitetail deer and numerous small game.

His wife, Katherine, and two sons Robby and Mike are also outdoor enthusiasts, bowhunting and committed to working with him in the North Carolina Bowhunters Association.  We need more leaders like the nominee, we need more families like the nominee’s family, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our organization prospers and defends bow hunting in North Carolina.  Jimmy has shown his devotion and dedication to NCBA for over a decade.

For these reasons, Jimmy Carroll was submitted for consideration and acceptance into the “North Carolina Bowhunter Hall of Fame.”

Submitted and Nominated by:  Gary Evers (at Executive Council Meeting January 14, 2006)

Voted and confirmed with a unanimous vote of the Executive Council, January 14, 2006)

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