NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

J.R. Sylvester Stone

Inducted March 7, 2009

Home: Durham, N.C.

Wife: Deann Maness Stone

Children: Joseph A. Anthony

Born: May 3, 1945

I am submitting this nomination for JR STONE for "NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame." JR's record of "Pioneering", "Service" and "Bowhunting Accomplishments" are impressive and outstanding. He has been a NCBA member since the mid-1980's. He upgraded to a "Regular Life Member" in 1995, and earned the "Service Life Member" status in 2006.

Pioneering, Service and Bowhunting Accomplishments are listed below:


JR Stone has been a member of NCBA for approximately 23 years, since about 1985. During this time, he has continually supported NCBA and worked to help improve the image of the association in any way he could.


JR Stone has made himself available for Service to NCBA at every opportunity. He volunteers without hesitation to help out with almost every NCBA function. He has worked the NCBA booths, Archery Alley and scoring at the DDC, and at many other shows and events. If he can be there, he is always one of the "first" to volunteer to help

He has held the officer of Secretary/Treasurer for seven (7) consecutive years (2002-2009), the longest straight run in NCBA's history. During his tenure, he has managed the accounts professionally. He corrected and cleared up numerous problems. He presents an up-to-date ledger at each and every council meeting. His unrelenting drive to keep all transactions clear and precise is unreal, and is what helps keep NCBA operating in the "black", in spite of rising cost and expenses. His minutes, when the secretary's position was one of his duties, were always up to date and very clear. What more could be asked from an officer?

He not only does his duties, but he goes "above and beyond the call" of his duties. He has volunteered many times to deliver the trailer to events at his expense. He has helped cook at many NCBA events, including the annual Butner hunt. He is there helping set up displays and booths as well as being there to help tear down. He doesn't leave it up to others without helping out himself. JR Stone is one person you can always count on to be there doing his part and more. He has also helped numerous times with our youth events and he is a NASP instructor.

JR's health is not as good as what everyone may think it is. I have seen the days when it takes all he can do to stand up and walk, but he is still there doing his part. He suffers from a bad back and other problems that have hindered his physical activity, including even shooting a bow. In order to continue bowhunting, he has obtained a new bow and cranked it down to less than 45 pounds, just so he could continue to draw and shoot accurately, and also continue bowhunting. Many, if not most people with the problems he has would have already given up, but not JR. It is rare that he even mentions his problems to others, but many times it is noticeable. He has an understanding family, which he dearly loves. He is a great husband to his wife, Deann, and a real father to his son, Joey.

He has served as an official NCBA measurer for about 20 years and was certified as an official Pope and Young measurer in 2006. Below is a listing of offices and positions he has held over the years, and awards he has received from NCBA.

  • 1990-2009 Official NCBA Measurer (19 consecutive years)
  • 2006 - Present Official P&Y Measurer
  • Sec/Treas NCBA 2002 to Present (2009)
  • NASP Instructor 2008 to Present
  • 2004 Presidential Award
  • BCRS Committee March 3, 2005 to Present (2009)
  • Life Member (Reg.) 1995
  • Life Member (Serv.) 2006

His "Bowhunting Accomplishments" are quite impressive also. JR Stone has taken the following species of animals with bow and arrow:

Big Game:

  • Whitetail Deer: Several Deer, one DOE in our "All-Time Records" Rockingham County (2005), score: 14 4/16"
  • Black Bear : 2003 in Saskatchewan; P&Y bear that scored 18 3/16"
  • plus numerous small game and fish

So, it is with great pleasure and honor that I submit the name of JR STONE for consideration for admission to the NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame. His nomination for NCBA Bowhunter Hall of Fame is long overdue.

JR was inducted March 7, 2009 at 23rd Annual NCBA Banquet in Raleigh, NC

Nominated by: Mickey Strader

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