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J.W. Moody

Inducted February 17, 2001


James William (J.W.) Moody was born January 18, 1927 in Randolph County. He died April 27, 1980 while residing in Greensboro, North Carolina. J.W. and his wife, Ollie G. Moody were very active in the sport of archery and bowhunting during the mid- 1950's until the late 1960's. He and Ollie had three children: Tommy, Ann and Jean. He was employed by Carolina Service Corporation as a driver / supervisor in Greensboro.

J.W. Moody once told Greensboro News and Record Sports Writer Tom Northington that he first acquired his interest in the bow and arrow when the state of North Carolina instituted an archery season for deer in the mid-1050's. His initial intent was to simply get into the deer woods ahead of the gun hunters and do his scouting so he could go back for opening of gun season and have a "jump" on other hunters. But, it did not take long for J.W. to learn that he could be successful in hunting deer with the bow and arrow. As he told Northington, "I just got to liking it too much to quit and it just offers a much greater challenge than hunting with a gun. When you kill a deer with a bow and arrow, you feel like you have really accomplished something. This is not so with a gun where a hunter is able to kill at long distance."

Moody only took up shooting the bow about 1957. Four years later, (June 4, 1961) he captured the "Gate City Archery Championship" in both field and target shooting. He was a charter member of the "Greensboro Green Archers" that had their home range at the Greensboro Country Park. Local and State archery shoots were held at Greensboro's Latham Park. He devoted much time to practicing at the "Green Archers" range at Country Park in Greensboro, sometimes going out to shoot 4 or 5 days a week for two-hour sessions. He devoted so much time to the sport that other members of his family and friends soon took up the sport too! His wife, Ollie Moody, soon became very proficient with her bow too and she subsequently went on to win the women's state championship in three consecutive years (1962-64).

James William (J.W.) Moody was named "Archer of the Month" in April, 1961 by the "North Carolina Archery Association." The Association's monthly publication says, "J. W. Moody has become so closely allied with the "Green Archers" (of Greensboro) that it is hard to separate the two. His interest and devotion to the sport have grown over the years, but have not yet reached a peak." His archery career was interrupted by the requirement that he take time out to learn some of the things Uncle Sam thought were necessary. He spent eleven months in Germany in service to his country.

Service to Bowhunting in North Carolina:

J.W. Moody served as President of the "Greensboro Green Archers" in 1959 and also served as "Field Governor" for a number of years. He was also "Target Captain" for the "Green Archers" for several years beginning in 1961. He was also "Field Governor" for the "North Carolina Archery Association" in 1966, 1967 and 1968. J.W. Moody was admittedly not a great archer as far as shooting ability is concerned, according to the article that was in the NCAA publication. But, his prowess with the bow was not to be discounted either as he was fully capable of posting the highest scores on a given day. At hunting, he need not take a back seat to any! As of 1961, he had downed two deer with his bow and plans to spend much of his vacation time hunting the reservations in NC with bow and arrow. He was primarily a bare bow shooter, but occasionally shoots with a sight while on the range.

J.W. is one of those rare archers whose interest is not only in the shooting, but in archery, especially working with new archers. He spends a great deal of time in getting new members into the sport, into the club and into the state association. After they join the club, his interest does not stop. He is not content until they understand the advantages of "organized archery" both from the club level and also what the state association has to offer.

His offer of assistance was not limited to the newcomers to the club. He frequently participated in public archery exhibitions to help spread the word about the sport. He would spend hours with any archer who was having trouble with his shooting. He was one of those rare archers who was also a good coach.

J. W. Moody preached the sermon of good sportsmanship to all who would listen to him. And he punctuated his sermons with details of the fellowship to be found among archers as well as the unequaled thrills to be found in the woods with the hunting bow in hand and sharp broadheads in the quiver.

J.W. Moody served on the committee with Sie "Buddy" Graham (Big Game Governor of the North Carolina Archery Association) that laid the groundwork for the initial archery seasons in North Carolina.

Hunting Accomplishments:

J. W. Moody was among the first North Carolina archers to harvest the whitetail deer with bow and arrow. He won the "Greensboro Green Archers" BIG BUCK AWARD on several occasions. This was at a time when the whitetail deer was not nearly as plentiful and populous as it is today. Being a successful deer hunter was much harder and required much more dedication and effort.

J.W. was inducted February 17, 2001 at the 15th Annual NCBA Awards Banquet in Asheville, N.C.

Nominated by: Leon D. Owen

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