NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Leon Dameron Owen

Inducted February 19, 1994

Leon was a charter member of the "Greensboro Green Archers" during the 1950's & 60's. He gave many hours of his time helping others learn about the sport of archery.

He was a professional archer and represented Hoyt Archery for many years. He loved to bowhunt and taught archery to may youth clubs and organizations.

He harvested the first Bobcat entered in the NCBA "All-Time Records" listings. Taken (1967) Montgomery County. (Score: 7 4/16")

Leon was born in Worthville July 19, 1920, but was raised in High Point, N.C. He died April 25, 2005 in Greensboro after a long respiratory illness. He was survived by his wife of 60 years, Doris Jordan Owen; his daughters, Diane Owen Lewis and Jean Owen Heinz all of Greensboro.

He served his country during World War II in the Army Air Corps as a link trainer instructor and Military Police. He was also on the Army Boxing Team. He retired from DeSoto Chemicals in 1968.

Herb was inducted in 1994 at an NCBA Banquet in Salisbury, NC

Nominated by: Ramon Bell

| 1.14.2010 |


by Ramon Bell

I first met Leon Owen at the "Greensboro Green Archers" range which was located at the Guilford Battleground Park at the time. Leon gave me what was my first expert, (or professional) instructions on how to shoot a bow and arrow there at the range. I joined the "Green Archers" and was a member for several years before the club shut down. It lost it's lease or permission to use the park property for it's range and had no where to go.

I shot many rounds on that old course, even a couple rounds with Leon Owen. They didn't have 3-D targets back then, only paper targets with animal faces on them. I remember one target in particular. It was a "Moose" target and the distance, best as I can recall, was about 80 yards. I was shooting an old Ben Pearson "Cougar" recurve bow at the time. I had never hit that target before. Leon was shooting with me, Chuck Schmidt (deceased) and Johnny Hayden at the time. He told me where to "hold" (aim) my arrow and I let it go. It wasn't a "bullseye", but I hit the moose in the vital area. I don't recall if I ever hit that target again. But, I'll never forget hitting it on that day.

North Carolina Bowhunters and many old time archers who knew Leon will surely miss him.

| 1.14.2010 |