NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Linda C. Graham

Inducted March 6, 2010

Linda C. Graham has a long and enduring record of PIONEERING and SERVICE to the sport of Bowhunting and Archery in North Carolina and many other states as well. Her record of Service is especially noteworthy, and her Bowhunting Accomplishments are outstanding.

Linda Carol Graham was born January 14, 1951 in Richmond, Virginia. She began shooting a bow and arrow in 1989, and started bowhunting in 1990.

Pioneering, Service and Bowhunting Accomplishments are listed below:


When Linda Graham first began shooting a bow and arrow, and attending and competing in archery tournaments, there were maybe two or three women in her class. As a direct result of her involvement as an instructor and mentor for women all across North Carolina and other states, there are now dozens of women competing in the women's classes. Much of this is a direct result of her efforts in introducing and educating women in the sport of archery and bowhunting.


Linda Graham has led the way and set the standard in the field of archery instruction for women archers and bowhunters.

She promotes traditional archery everywhere she goes, for women, children and men.

She has held instructional seminars for women for over ten years at various locations, including:

  • Applachian Traditional Rendevous at Benton Hill Ski Resort
  • Bow clinics at home (with Hummingbird Bows)
  • She meets women at various tournaments/shoots and spends the day with them, offering tips and instructions in shooting the bow and arrow. She also helps familiarize them with various types of archery equipment to purchase that will match their personal needs.
  • Mt. Pleasant Middle School-1993
  • Presbyterian Church Youth Night; Bennettsville, NC
  • NCBA Youth Day, May 2006 in Reidsville, NC (Youth Archery Shoot/Instruction)
  • Worlds largest Traditinal Shoot; Candesport, PA (2000-2007)
  • Compton's Traditional 3-D Shoot (Michigan); 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009.
  • She worked with the Women in the Outdoors program in the Gastonia, NC area (2001).

Bowhunting Accomplishments:

Linda Graham has hunted twenty (20) different states (including Alaska), and three (3) Canadian Provinces (Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan) with bow and arrow for big and small game alike. She has harvest the following Big Game Animals:

  • Bull Elk: Colorado
  • Whitetail Deer: 4 Bucks and 5 Does, including 1 Buck from Ohio: (Official P&Y Score: 126 2/8; Comptons Score: 129 6/8)
  • Black Bear: 1 (Official P&Y Score: 19 8/16) from Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
  • Russian Wild Boar: 1 from N.Y. state
  • Feral Hog: 2 from South Carolina

Other Accomplishments:

Linda C. Graham is a very competitive individual. Over the past twenty years, she has won:

  • Over thirty (30) state archery titles from the states of: NC, FL, IN, WV, GA & Mississippi
  • Eight Southeastern Championships won in Athens, GA from 1995 - 2002.
  • Two world Women's Traditional titles in 2001 & 2006.

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