NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Quince Hale

Inducted February 22, 1997

Quince Hale was one of the best modern bowhunters of his time. He harvested P&Y Mule Deer, Whitetail and Black Bear.

He resided in Castalia, N.C. and was a staunch supporter of NCBA.

Quince became a "Regular" NCBA Lifetime member in 1991. He died in July 27, 1994 from an untimely illness at a very young age.

Nominated by: Dayne Welborn

| 1.14.2010 |


by Debbie Rodriguez

Quince Hale was my oldest brother. He was born in Nash County, North Carolina on May 19, 1949 and passed away at the age of 45 on July 27, 1994 of cancer.

Quince was always passionate about hunting. Before he went to Vietnam he hunted with a gun but when he returned he said that he would never hunt with a gun again and that is when he started to use a bow.

He became one of the best bowhunters in the United States. He is mentioned in chapter 4 in Dan Bertalan's book, "BOWHUNTER'S WHITETAIL MASTERS".

Quince found out in 1990 that he had cancer. His wife knew at the time he found out. Our Mom found out about a year before he passed away and the rest of the family didn't find out until about 2 months before he died. He didn't want anyone to worry or feel sorry for him. A lot of times over that 4 year span from the time he found out until the day he died he was in the hospital but he had told his wife just to tell everyone that he was on a hunting trip.

Sometimes now it doesn't seem like he is really gone. It just feels like he is on another hunting trip and he will be coming home any day now. I know that if there is any such thing as someone's spirit coming back, my brother is out there right now with his hunting buddies waiting on that big whitetail.

Quince loved his families, and I say familes because he had two families. He had us, his blood relatives and then he had his hunting family.

The hunters that he met over the years and became friends with were very special to him. He would talk about them and the hunts they went on and his eyes would light up. So, to his fellow hunters out there that may read this please know that you all had a special place in his life and he enjoyed each minute he spent with you. His family sends all of you thier best; his wife,Lynn, his 2 sons, Scott and Brandon, his mother, Edith Mae, his 2 brothers, Carl and Tony, and his sister, Debbie,(that's me) and his nephew, Carl, Jr., who seems to be have taken a liking to bowhunting like Quince. As Dan Bertalan wrote in the book he autographed for me, "May we all trek trails as true as Quince".

| 1.14.2010 |