NCBA Hall of Fame Personal Biographies

Wayne Smith

Inducted February 27, 2013

Wayne was born in 1957 in Kinston, NC


  • Huntmaster: Butner Hunt: 2010, 2011, 2012.

Wayne has been honored to be a NCBA Life Member since 1994. He received the following: NCBA Bowhunter of the Year in 1998, NCBA Golden Arrow Award in 2006, he won the Butner Shootout in 2007 and 2009. He volunteered to be the Butner Huntmaster for 3 years. He served as the co-coorinator for the Duke Forest BCRS Hunt this year. He is a certified member of the BCRS Team and is on the BCRS Committee.

Bowhunting Accomplishments:

Wayne has taken numerous species with his bow to include: 150 Whitetail does, including 100+ of them being BCRS, 20+ trophy bucks including 2 Pope and Young, 4 Wild Turkeys, Javelina, a rattlesnake, 5 feral hogs, 17 Groundhog, 1 Red Fox state record, 2 Grey Fox, 3 Raccoon, numerous squirrel and rabbits, 1 Tundra Swan and a Pronghorn Antelope. He has also been a successful bowfisherman with several carp and bowfin.

Bowhunting Awards

  • GPAA J R Wright Memorial Sportsman Award.......July 19,2009
  • Bowhunter of the year for Guilford for 1997-98 year
  • NCBA Bowhunter of the year for 1998
  • NCBA Service Award for 1998