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Carroll "CD" Liverman


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Carroll D. Liverman

Carroll "CD" Liverman was born 7/3/1925. He died 5/16/2011.


C.D. Liverman, an Honorary Life Member of NCBA awarded in 2000.

C.D. was a staunch supporter of NCBA.  He ran Pungo Campground in Pantego, N.C. for man years, and welcomed all hunters with true southern hospitality and friendship. NCBA hosted it's annual bowhunt there for a number of years back in the late 1990's and early 2000's when bowhunting for deer there was in it's prime. Many NCBA members continued to patronize Pungo Campground over the years while in the area on hunts for Tundra Swan and other game. C.D. was a very hospitable and welcoming host to all hunters, but especially to NCBA members. If he knew your were a NCBA member, you would receive a special invitation to come up to his home for an evening chat. For the past few years, we have run an ad for Pungo Campground in our magazine as a return favor to C.D. for the services he has provided for NCBA members over the years.


Mr. C.D. was born in the Pungo Community of Pantego on July 3, 1925 son of the late Gilbert Rumley Liverman and the late Retha Delone Allen Liverman. He attended Pantego Schools and served his country in the U.S. Marine Corp. during World War II. He married the former Teresa Pacheco Vega on October 25, 1997 who survives.

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Past President, Gary Evers, reports that information was sent to him by good friends in eastern NC. C.D. attended church Sunday, returned home and was napping when he passed away. Gary says, "He was very proud of his NCBA honorary membership though he never bowhunted, and proudly displayed his NCBA plaque in his home. He reminded me of it every time I visited him while staying at his campground with other NCBA members. I spoke with him last month and he was doing well at that time. He was proud to  have served hunters throughout the state by providing lodging, special events, etc….and was a friend to all, but he was “especially” proud to be honored by NCBA as a Honorary Life Member.  He made special efforts on behalf of NCBA to ensure NCBA Pungo Hunts were special to NCBA members by sponsoring “pig picking” events annually for NCBA hunts each year and was a friend to all.

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