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Herbert Alfred "Herb" Reynolds


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Herbert Alfred "Herb" Reynolds

Herbert Alfred ("Herb") Reynolds was born in Torch, Missouri (Ripley county) on August 30, 1936. Herb jokingly says, "They burnt the town down after he left!" Herb died on June 23, 2008.

He served in the U.S. Army in Ft. Bragg, NC. Met his wife of 49 years, Patricia, in Charlotte. She's originally from Asheville. He lived in Lincolnton, NC. Herb founded "Iron Station Bowhunters" in 1974. He's been president of the "Carolina Traditional Archers" since helping found it in 1984. He says they won't let him resign or just "quit", and he guesses he'll have to die to get out of the job.

The one thing Herb most relishes about his involvement with archery over the years is working with young people and women and helping teach them how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Herb has taken over 100 whitetail deer with bow over the years. His biggest is a 16 pointer from Missouri. He's also taken Wild Boar & Hogs; Bobcat; Fox; Squirrel; Doves; Geese and Quail with bow and arrow.

Herb Reynolds was the first person inducted into the NC Bowhunter "Hall of Fame" on February 19, 1994.

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